Evernote – (Stephen Georgulis Recommended)

EvernoteFollowing on from my last two 'recommended posts' on 1Password and Dropbox… Evernote completes my holy trinity of favourite software.

With these pieces of software and my iPhone I literally have my whole life in my hand wherever I go.

And just as much as I rave about the other two, Evernote may just be the best of the three in terms of just how brilliant and useful it is.

The guys over at Evernote describe their software as being 'your external brain' and quite honestly it really fits the bill.

Anything you see, think of or want to remember can be quickly and easily saved in this software and then synced to all your computers and phones.

What's more, all this data can be stored in various notebooks, tagged and geo-tagged to suit your own taste so all your information is instantly cross-searchable at any moment.

Just to give you a quick example of some of the many ways I use it…

  • Storing flight, hotel and details for trips so when I'm travelling I have it all to hand
  • Storing daily exercise along with schedules and routines I want to follow so I can record and monitor progress
  • Storing webpages and articles I see online that I want to read later or keep on file

And that's just the first few I thought of immediately. I could give loads more. To do lists, things to get, recipes… you can store them all in one place.

But I haven't even got the best bit… the cost for all this insanely cool capability at your fingertips… nothing!

Yep, Evernote is FREE!

If you're a poweruser like me you may find you want to purchase the ridiculously low priced 'Premium Subscription' but for a lot of people this isn't necessary (even with my high usage I've only really needed the higher upload limits 2-3 months out of 2 years of daily usage).

So if you're not using it already I really suggest you go and grab Evernote right now.

Especially considering it costs nothing you've got nothing to lose in at least checking it out.

Let me know what you think.

DropBox (Stephen Georgulis Recommended)


My next "Stephen Georgulis Recommended" item is another piece of software called DropBox.

My last recommendation was 1Password and you might remember me saying you can sync all your 1Password data between multiple computers/systems using another piece of software. This is it.

DropBox basically makes transferring files between computers dead simple and very efficient.

It does this by putting a folder on your computer which has a live connection to your online DropBox account.

Whenever you put a file or folder into your DropBox folder it then uploads and is available on all other systems you are logged into your DropBox account on. (In my case there's 4 computers and my iPhone!)

There's honestly just so many ways it can make your life easier that you should just check DropBox out for yourself here right now and get started using it to see it's absolute coolness.

Even at it's simplest it will literally stop you from constantly emailing yourself or moving things between computers using a USB key all day.

If you currently do this often (like I used to before discovering this great software about 2 years ago), you will find this a real godsend.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.



Interview – Golden Prodigy Series

Golden Prodigy Interview Series

I was recently interviewed by a guy named Andy Sacker for his "Golden Prodigy Interview Series".

The topic of the interview was copywriting as a main theme although we discussed various concepts and ideas on both marketing, advertising and running a business as broader fields.

As I often share when speaking at seminars, I have spent well into the 6-figure range on my own education (the majority specifically on copywriting) and worked with some of the very best in the industry.

So I really packed the information into this hour or so long talk.

If you're interested in hearing it or grabbing a copy (there's actually a free 10 minute audio sample available on the page at this point) just click on this link…

Stephen Georgulis – Golden Prodigy Interview

You can also get information on the rest of the series Andy's put together if you want more.

Check it out and leave me a comment below letting me know what you think.


1 Password (Stephen Georgulis Recommended)

1Password iconTo kick off my new recommendation posts I'll be starting with the most important piece of software I think you can own… a password manager.

As I operate on Macs whenever possible my recommendation is…

1Password from Agile Solutions

It's quite simply the best Password manager available on any system regardless and would actually be my preference on Windows too if it was a bit further developed (they currently only have an Alpha version available).

I love it for so many reasons including the ability to store…

  • As many passwords as you could want (I think I'm getting upwards towards a thousand these days)
  • Account data including servers, FTP, emails and more
  • Secure notes and even software keys and info

All of this and more comes packaged in a super cool interface – so much so a friend who saw it a few weeks back said "Wow, that's cool!" when he saw me log into it.

Even cooler is the ability to sync this information across all of your machines and phone with a simple piece of software called Dropbox (which I'll be posting about shortly).

I have 1Password installed on 2 Macs, 2 Windows pcs and my iPhone and all I do is change data on one and it's automatically changed on all others. All of my logins, accounts and more with me wherever I go – so cool!

I could a lot more about it… rave for days about how awesome it is… but I'll leave it there and just tell you to check it out for yourself.

Honestly, calling it a steal for the price it goes for is one of the understatements of the century. Get it now.


P.S As 1Password isn't fully developed for Windows yet I still recommend Roboform if you really want this magical software now (who wouldn't!) and don't want to wait for 1Password to catch up.