Stephen Georgulis Keyword – Google Caffeine Test

Hi, Stephen Georgulis here with a quick post that is basically for testing purposes (but does have a quick announcement at the end).

I mentioned at the end of yesterday's post that I was testing how quick Google Caffeine would index it… which would consequently have it appearing on Page 1 due to the target keyword being relatively low competition.

Well the results came in… quickly!

In fact, it took just a measly 50 seconds or so for my post to be indexed and appearing on Page 1 of Google for my chosen keyword term. Pretty incredible.

But it gets better. Today I'm testing a new Wordpress Plugin that should make this process even faster – in fact, INSTANTANEOUS!

So this is actually another test and just for fun – with another very low competition keyword for simplicity – I've chosen to briefly talk about myself.

Yes me, Stephen Georgulis.

But rather than just rumble on about myself for a minute I'm going to combine this test with a genuine announcement.

I'm going to start posting as I think of it about some of my favourite tools and resources – beginning today.

I find that when you're on a computer or doing business all the time you come across hardware, software and other tools that make life so much easier and lots of other people don't know about.

For example, I work with some guys who are 7-figure earners online… and yet they don't even have password managers on their computers! (Insane I know!)

So I've decided I'm going to blog about all sorts of recommendations on here too. Kind of like a "Stephen Georgulis Seal of Approval" I guess, but even if I don't think something is the best of it's kind I will still mention it if I think it's value.

So that's all for now but stay tuned folks. I'll probably give my first recommendation (bet you can't guess what that might be) later today.


Marketing, Advertising, Copywriting, Making Money and Most of All…

Having fun! (more on that in a moment)

G'day friend,

Let me first say, welcome.

If you're viewing this post you're either arriving at this blog at it's very beginning — or are enjoying it so much you've decided to search back through the archives for the earliest post(s).

Regardless, I'm glad you found it.

As the title of this first post (and blog header) says, this blog is about several topics main topics (in no particular order)

1) Marketing

2) Advertising

3) Copywriting

And in covering each of these things I hope your time spent here will be educational and ultimately…


That's what it's all about right?

You want to get some bang for your buck! (Especially if you have to look at my handsome mug for any reasonable length of time)

But I want to go deeper for a moment.

There was one more element that both this blog and my business (not to mention my general outlook on life) are all about.


Why you ask? That's childish. Business and money-making are serious activities.

And right you are.

It's no joke when someone can't sleep at night with worry about how they'll pay their bills.

No fun when a parent has to look their child in the eye and say no to the simple pleasures every kid should get to enjoy.

Painful when you know you can achieve so much more but are stuck in a job – and perhaps even life – you're just not happy with.

But as serious as these matters are I'd challenge you it's still about having fun.

Quite simply, if you're not having fun…

You're not making as much money as you could.

And chances are your life is the way it is (at least in part) because of this.

Think about it for a moment. You know I'm right.

Perhaps you crawl out of bed in the morning 20mins or more late. Unenthusiastically you get ready for work.

If you're like most people I know, by the time you even get to work you feel you've earned a paycheck. (Not too many places where traffic or congestion on public transport are decreasing right?)

From that point on it's all about "getting through the day".

It doesn't have to be this way.

No matter your age, where you come from, your favortie hobbies — you can have the lifestyle you desire.

If you hang around I'll do my best to help you do that.

You'll discover:

  • Ways to massively improve your marketing with simple, easy-to-apply strategies.
  • Advertising insights that can help bring in more customers, sales and profits than you could hope for.
  • Copywriting techniques that will give you the power to communicate with your clients (and in fact anyone in life) more dynamically and powerfully than ever before.

And hopefully, I can do all this and make it fun for you. (A little laugh or smile makes all the difference some times!)

So thank you again for giving me your valuable time.

I'll do my best to make it worth your while.

Talk soon.