Quick Copy – Quick Profits

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"Your copy is so easy to read. I was through it so quickly!"

Ask any great copywriter and they'll tell you this sort of a comment is a great sign.

Ease and speed of the read are two of the critical elements of great copy.

And it's one of the seemingly subtle elements that separate high-level pros from everyone else.

Luckily, with some simple shifts in your writing, you can take this tip to the bank.

Do it well, the results will be dramatic. You will feel (and see) immediate improvement.

'Quicker' Copy increases readership and response on several levels.

1) There's less for the prospect to read. Not only will it be easier to get through – it will look far less daunting on the page before they even start.

2) Your message will be more powerful. When you make it short and sharp, you almost automatically cut the fluff.

3) The main points will stand clear. With all the unnecessary chatter out of the way, the points your prospects really need to hear will be impossible to miss.

Overall, you will increase the number of prospects who read your message and make your point to them faster and more powerfully.

That means higher conversions and more profits – all with less effort.

So have a look at your sales letters, ads and email copy.

Spend a little time stripping off the fat and making your copy 'quicker'.

It's really not that hard and you'll immediately feel the difference… right before you see it in your bottom line.

Til next time.