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During recent teaching I've done for the prestigious Churchill Apprenticeship Programme and the Genius Series Interviews I have focused on the "big stuff"…

… revealing the quickest, easiest and yet most powerful ways to get loads more customers, higher conversions, and make far greater profits in any business.

Naturally there was quite a bit of discussion about the concept of…

The Irresistible Offer

So today I want to give you a brief but very powerful example of one that I shared with my recent students.

Back home in Australia, a few hours down south from where I grew up in Sydney I believe, there's a used car salesman who's offer is a perfect example of irresistible.

I was told about this by a friend and fellow copywriter Brett McFall and it really is something.

Listen to this…

When you buy a used car from him he let's you drive it for a week before making up your mind!

Yep, you heard it right. You can pick a car and take it home for a week with absolutely no risk whatsoever.

If you don't like it after using it for a week… you just took it back to him!

How good is that? How many dealers do you think would let you drive a car to your hearts content for a week before making a final decision?

Now, I could be wrong on the time period. It may even be more but it was at least a week which is pretty amazing.

Of course you had paid for the car so the deal was done even though he was genuinely leaving you with no-risk in having done so.

As a marketer it's important to recognize the psychology of doing that from the perspective of preventing more people coming back than only those who were genuinely not happy.

But it doesn't change the fact he was removing all the risk for his customers whatever way you looked at it.

Here's why…

Not only could you return the car and get a new one if you wanted, but you could even get a full refund!

So not only was he removing any risk of the customer getting a car they weren't 100% happy with, he wasn't even locking the customer in to having to buy from him one way or another – another objection the customer may have had to stop them going through with the sale.

I could go into a lot more detail but I'll leave it up to you to consider just how powerful what I've just shared is.

If you analyze this offer, especially by comparing it with any other offer in that industry it really is just too good to refuse for the prospect.

And that of course leads one to the million dollar question…

Wouldn't he lose money doing that sort of thing?

In short… NO!

Ask yourself…

  • How many more people do you think buy from him instead of another dealer because they have no risk?
  • How many people would rave and tell their friends and family about this guy to advertise for him by word of mouth?
  • How many of these people would go back and buy from him again and again over a lifetime?

The answer a LOT!

Even if someone did come back after buying a car and change it for another from him…

Even if they added some wear and tear in testing the car out…

And even if some people did come back and actually take a full refund…

All of this is a mere fraction in terms of cost compared to the extra money he'd make from more customers and sales as a result of such an incredible offer.

So with that in mind how can you do something amazing like this to construct irresistible offers in your own business?

The fact is that most consumers are good people and are just interested in getting the best deal they can – not screwing you over.

So take away all the reasons they could have to shop with someone else by presenting them with an offer to good to refuse and they'll heap money on you like never before.

P.S A little extra tip for knowing you have an irresistable offer – it should hurt!

If you're not thinking twice about whether you're going TOO FAR then you're offer isn't irresistible just yet. 🙂

Interview – Golden Prodigy Series

Golden Prodigy Interview Series

I was recently interviewed by a guy named Andy Sacker for his "Golden Prodigy Interview Series".

The topic of the interview was copywriting as a main theme although we discussed various concepts and ideas on both marketing, advertising and running a business as broader fields.

As I often share when speaking at seminars, I have spent well into the 6-figure range on my own education (the majority specifically on copywriting) and worked with some of the very best in the industry.

So I really packed the information into this hour or so long talk.

If you're interested in hearing it or grabbing a copy (there's actually a free 10 minute audio sample available on the page at this point) just click on this link…

Stephen Georgulis – Golden Prodigy Interview

You can also get information on the rest of the series Andy's put together if you want more.

Check it out and leave me a comment below letting me know what you think.


The Copywriting Ninja – Yes, that's me! (The Power of Branding)

The Copywriting Ninja Website Clip

I was speaking at a £20,000-per-head mentoring "get together" late last week in England (that's over US$31,000 at current conversion rate as I write this for all of you who like to go by USD).

It's called the Churchill Apprentice Programme (yes, that's how you spell "program" in good 'ole Britain) and it's run by my good friends who I work very closely (in fact, almost exclusively) with these days from the Cambridge Business Academy.

I gave a couple of presentations that touched on various elements required to build and run a 7-figure business as part of this "Orientation" meeting we had for the new gang of students.

As many people who know me have heard, I've spent well into the 6-figure bracket on my personal marketing and especially copywriting education.

Well,  I literally packed everything I could from that education into these two talks about the fundamental but most powerful ways to make more money as an entrepreneur and specifically internet marketer.

I'm planning to share a few the ideas I revealed on here in the coming weeks and today I wanted to start with the idea of BRANDING.

Now, if you're part of the direct response advertising world it's possible you're rearing your head right now and are ready to say I know nothing about marketing… but please bear with me momentarily.

You see, I'm very much a direct response zealot. I laugh almost daily at the silly ads I see on tv created at ridiculous costs and worth very little to nothing in terms of maximizing sales for the advertiser who's paid for them (particularly if they're smaller to medium size or even worse, local businesses).

If you know anything about getting the most from your advertising then you would no doubt you shake your head along with me if we were in the same room.

However, as I shared with the small group of 15 I was talking to in Cambridge last week, there's still some real validity to what those "creative advertising" commercials do that we as direct marketers can use.

And as I've already mentioned, that is the strategy of branding.

Let me give you a great example I shared during one of my talks…

Ever since I started copywriting back in 2005 I have gone by the name "The Copywriting Ninja" and operated through my website of the same name which you can see above at the top of this post.

Truthfully, I picked it right from beginning, intentionally and purposely.

In addition, the colour scheme of my site and even business cards (the latter of which I must admit I almost never use) has always been the same – purple (because it's my favourite colour), black (because that's what ninjas wear right?) and then of course blended in with white background because as a direct marketer I know the value of maximum readability to any piece of copy.

But having said that I've never made any real effort to ensure I'm introduced as such when speaking at events or even on webpages mentioning me.

And yet here's what's happened… literally since a few months after I launched my copywriting career…

Everyone remembers me as "The Copywriting Ninja".

I distinctly remember going to an event in Sydney (my home town) in 2006. I attended the same event in another part of Australia the year before, less than 2 months after beginning my career.

Somewhat unbelievably to me people were stopping me left right and centre to say hello and shake my hand.

Now, at the risk of sounding pompous or arrogant I wasn't surprised this was happening – I knew many of the audience would know me well from my association with the seminar organizers.

But what did surprise me is that they'd almost all say "hi, you're that ninja copywriter aren't you?"… or "you're that purple copywriter ninja guy!".

Even if they didn't remember my name fully, they each… and I literally mean every single one… remembered either "ninja", "copywriter" or the colour purple.

Now as I've said, it was essentially direct response all the way for me through my site and yet with just a clever and yet delicate effort to make myself stand out, I was able to literally brand myself into the mind of many people who otherwise might have just forgotten my name in the sea of supposed "copy experts" who float around such events.

So let me ask you, without sacrificing response or in any way lessening the power of your advertising messages… what could you do right now to get the power of branding working for you in YOUR business?


P.S As a little aside I actually chose this as the first strategy to reveal today as I wanted to do a little test with speed of ranking after Google's Caffeine update recently – specifically using a longer tail term like "the copywriting ninja". Be interesting to see what happens and report on it in a future post so stay tuned.

The Single Most Powerful Way To Increase Profits

If I was to tell you, in a genuine and believable way, that I knew a secret technique I could share with you that would allow you to increase your advertising response and profits by 200%, 500% or even as much as 3000% overnight – you'd no doubt be very interested in discovering what it was.

Well I do know a technique that I've seen do just that many times – only it's not a secret.

And if you've been a student of direct-response advertising for any length of time then chances are you've probably heard all about it before.

While that may be so, it bares pointing out continually because it's just that important.

I still meet far too many business owners and entrepreneurs who just don't apply this technique anywhere near the degree they should be – and are throwing away boatloads of profit as a result.

Above all else…

It is the single most powerful way to make more money with less effort than any other I know.

And it's E-A-S-Y!

All the way back to the classic direct response advertising texts of Ogilvy, Caples, Schwartz and others you can read about it.

It worked then and it continues to work amazingly well through to today.

Yes, it's the simple strategy of…

Testing & Measuring - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and moreWhile market research is important and makes an incredible difference to response of any marketing campaign or ad, it's near impossible to know for sure the exact appeal or statement that will trigger the most prospects to take action on any offer you make.The same appeal, expressed in different ways, can change response dramatically.

So even if you've spent many hours learning about your market, crafting a potent marketing strategy and writing amazing benefit-driven, emotion-rich copy, you can still miss out on the lion's share of profits… if you fail to use this strategy.

For example…

I once sat at my desk looking over 4 fantastic pieces of advertising designed to sell carpet cleaning services.

Each was a great ad with all the elements of powerful, response-grabbing copy. There was no question each would succeed, I was sure of that.

And they did!

But here's the kicker…

One of those ads outpulled the other 3 by over 10 times!

So while it would have cost the business owner the same to send out any of the other 3 versions, he would have been making 10 times less if he hadn't tested and measured each.

Can you believe that? A 1000% difference in profits just from a different version of a similar ad.

How much more do you think he made over the space of a year that he would've missed out on otherwise?

Right – a LOT.

And just so you know it was the last of the 4 versions to be crafted.

But the moral of this story is not the last version is best… it's to test and measure – and never stop!

Because while that's a great example to show the power of testing and measuring in a very short amount of time…

I've seen cases where response has been increased up to well over 5000% by testing and measuring elements until the best result possible is achieved!

Everything can be tested!

The sky really is the limit.

Headlines, offers, price and layout are the biggest I've noticed so try them first.

Then from there you can tweak smaller elements until your campaign or ad is a well-oiled machine – churning out maximum profits on a consistent basis.

The thing is to never forget that…

Just by tweaking your marketing funnel or advertising you can easily give yourself a pay rise with very little extra work.

If you're clever and do it in small increments you can do this with very little risk and continually increasing profits.

So why wouldn't you?


Why Your Ads and Copy Are Failing - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more If you ads and copy are not getting results then it pretty much comes down to one simple factor.

What is it you ask?

Well it's funny that you're asking because that's what you should be doing with your market.

If you're not getting the results you want in your advertising copy then…

You simply don't know your market well enough.

It really just comes down to RESEARCH.

I've found time and time again that the only time I've ever had what most people call 'writers block' is when I didn't quite know the market I was writing for well enough. It's actually a symptom of lack of knowledge.

All I'd do on the few occasions I've encountered this in writing for clients, is go back and do some more work researching – the copy would flow from me soon after.

The same applies to getting results with your marketing and copy. If they're not forthcoming then it's time to take a step back.

The truth is researching doesn't have to be hard. There's lots of ways one can find out about there market.

What sells currently? What ads seem to be working for others? What do the prospects and customers in the market think?

These are simple questions to ask yourself.

But to really know you need to be looking deeper, actually getting in to the thoughts of your market.

The two best ways to do this are SURVEYS and INTERVIEWS.

I'll talk about these more in future posts but for now the point to understand is…

If you're not getting the response you want from your market, there's something you're missing.

It could be in the product, the offer or the copy (the presentation of the offer). The fact remains the same.

It's dead simple and yet I see it time and time again with new clients coming to me for help. Copy being written with limited (if any) real understanding of the market.

So have a think about how this might apply to your business and then get to work developing a real, in-depth understanding of your market.

And stay tuned for more on the specific techniques on how to do this. I know you'll find them very beneficial.