August 5, 2010

DropBox (Stephen Georgulis Recommended)


My next "Stephen Georgulis Recommended" item is another piece of software called DropBox.

My last recommendation was 1Password and you might remember me saying you can sync all your 1Password data between multiple computers/systems using another piece of software. This is it.

DropBox basically makes transferring files between computers dead simple and very efficient.

It does this by putting a folder on your computer which has a live connection to your online DropBox account.

Whenever you put a file or folder into your DropBox folder it then uploads and is available on all other systems you are logged into your DropBox account on. (In my case there's 4 computers and my iPhone!)

There's honestly just so many ways it can make your life easier that you should just check DropBox out for yourself here right now and get started using it to see it's absolute coolness.

Even at it's simplest it will literally stop you from constantly emailing yourself or moving things between computers using a USB key all day.

If you currently do this often (like I used to before discovering this great software about 2 years ago), you will find this a real godsend.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.



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