1 Password (Stephen Georgulis Recommended)

1Password iconTo kick off my new recommendation posts I'll be starting with the most important piece of software I think you can own… a password manager.

As I operate on Macs whenever possible my recommendation is…

1Password from Agile Solutions

It's quite simply the best Password manager available on any system regardless and would actually be my preference on Windows too if it was a bit further developed (they currently only have an Alpha version available).

I love it for so many reasons including the ability to store…

  • As many passwords as you could want (I think I'm getting upwards towards a thousand these days)
  • Account data including servers, FTP, emails and more
  • Secure notes and even software keys and info

All of this and more comes packaged in a super cool interface – so much so a friend who saw it a few weeks back said "Wow, that's cool!" when he saw me log into it.

Even cooler is the ability to sync this information across all of your machines and phone with a simple piece of software called Dropbox (which I'll be posting about shortly).

I have 1Password installed on 2 Macs, 2 Windows pcs and my iPhone and all I do is change data on one and it's automatically changed on all others. All of my logins, accounts and more with me wherever I go – so cool!

I could a lot more about it… rave for days about how awesome it is… but I'll leave it there and just tell you to check it out for yourself.

Honestly, calling it a steal for the price it goes for is one of the understatements of the century. Get it now.


P.S As 1Password isn't fully developed for Windows yet I still recommend Roboform if you really want this magical software now (who wouldn't!) and don't want to wait for 1Password to catch up.