Blogging, Wordpress & Google

If you've been marketing online for any length of time then you likely know the value of blogging and just how beneficial it is to any internet marketing strategy.

I've been absent from my various blogs for quite some months due to a massive workload of copy projects but once through this workload I'm going to be restructuring my business to concentrate more on personal projects and work with my closest clients.

Blogging will no doubt play a huge part in this and so I've been brushing up on my knowledge and skillset in this area at every chance possible.

In doing so, I recently came across this fantastic presentation given by Matt Cutts of Google.

While I've always been known as a copywriter first and foremost, I've learned an awful lot about online marketing in the last few years – almost by default.

From writing copy for various top marketers and entrepreneurs, as well as attending numerous seminars and more… it's amazing how much one picks up!

This presentation really does cover all the basics you could ever need to know… and even goes into more advanced concepts that anyone who blogs seriously will at some point find very valuable.

It goes for a bit but I really suggest taking the time to watch it because the content is that good.

At the very least you will brush up on your blogging basics. At best you will learn a LOT and all of perfectly aligned to getting more traffic from Google and the other search engines using a simple Wordpress blog.